The sweet side of Austria

AGRANA distributes high-quality sugar varieties for baking, gelling or sweetening under the local brand Wiener Zucker  in Austria. Wiener Zucker comes in great variety - the perfect sugar for every creation.

The unparalleled  range of Wiener Zucker varieties is inextricably linked to the sugar culture of Austria and its tradition of cakes and pastry delicacies: Whether ‘Sachertorte’, pancakes, "Gugelhupf" or ’Salzburger Nockerl’ – one ingredient makes all of these well known Austrian pastries & desserts famous: Wiener Zucker!

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Wiener Zucker – a successful brand of AGRANA

In Austria, AGRANA is selling about 33 sugar varieties - many of them organic quality - under the "Wiener Zucker" brand, including gelling and syrup sugar as well as various grades of powdered sugar. The "Wiener Zucker" brand stands not only for top product quality and variety, but also for Austrian origin.  

The Wiener Zucker brand has long been synonymous with top quality and therefore is firmly trusted by Austrian consumers. The sugar produced  from Austrian  sugar beets is top in terms of its purity due to its consisting almost entirely of sucrose as a result of the controlled farming methods used and the continuously quality tests it is subjected to.

Deeply rooted in Austria, Wiener Zucker keeps tradition alive, is proud of its origins and stands for sustainability and care in dealing with nature. This is shown by the transparent manufacturing process, which not only guarantees the highest product quality but also GMO-free from the agricultural raw material to the finished, labeled product. 

Sugar brands of AGRANA

AGRANA offers a wide range of sugar and specialty products under country-specific brands. 

In Austria, the umbrella brand "Wiener Zucker" has a long tradition. Under the same umbrella brand concept as Wiener Zucker, country-specific sugar markers were introduced in the countries of Slovakia "Korunný Cukor", the Czech Republic "Korunní Cukr", Hungary "Koronás Cukor", Romania "Mărgăritar Zahăr" and Bulgaria "Zahira".

Attractive packaging designs and consistently high quality levels are the keys to the success of our sugar brands. With so many different varieties of sugar, consumers are simply spoilt for choice.

International brand management

The brand concept in every country is clearly reflecting the common origin of the local sugar brands, which are optimally adapted to the conditions of the respective market. Taking into account all necessary local requirements, attention is paid to synergy through the consistent design of the brand core.

A brand family with a consistent character, value, familiar symbolism and typography is being created under the umbrella of "A brand of AGRANA" - a brand presence in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria that is unique in the sugar industry.