Small format, great pleasure

Sometimes the small things in life can make the difference. We offer individually packed products around the coffee cup, like sugar sachets, sugar sticks and selection of delicious biscuit portions. The packaging is practical, hygienic and communicates daily an advertising message to the customer.



Distinctiveness of a company – personalized portion packs:We offer you a complete range of portion packed products, all around the cup, presenting your corporate image, to make you brand and products stand out amongst the rest.

Product portfolio

We offer sugar portions in stick and sachet packaging format, coffee supplies, buscuits, crispbread and spices in portions.Our assortment includes:

  • Sugar sticks, sugar sachets (signs of the zodiac, organic sugar, etc.)
  • Lucky sugar (modern packaging, exclusive design “Paper Art”)
  • Hellma caramell biscuits, Biscotti, Coconut Krispy, Schoko Krispy)
  • Almonds in cacao case, espresso beans coated in chocolate
  • Salt- and pepper sticks, honey- and lemon sticks
  • Wasa crispbread, resfreshing tissues

We also offer the option of individual portion packs. With the your message, the company logo or your creative idea, there are no limits to your advertising success.


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