"Süße Grüße" our sustainability symbol

A new sustainability symbol highlights Wiener Zucker`s sustainable approach to agricultural management.

AGRANA now also communicates these increasingly important quality characteristics externally to a greater extent. The new slogans „Sweet greetings from the farmer” (German: Süße Grüße vom Bauern) and „Sweet greetings to Mother Nature“ (German: Süße Grüße an die Natur)  in the format of a postage stamp highlights the sustainable agricultural practices of the domestic farmers, who were questioned directly with regard to this issue.

The statements are also visible on "Wiener Zucker" packs for the household, to the sugar packets for the catering industry and also to packaging for large customers. In addition, the "sweet greetings" will also be displayed as field panels as outdoor advertising on numerous agricultural fields in Austria.

Those who speak of sustainability today include ecological, economic and social aspects. Sustainability is also an integral part of AGRANA's corporate philosophy and is part of the entire value chain, starting with raw material procurement. AGRANA is working in collaboration with beet farmers for many years in the field of sugar production. Sustainability programs - developed by AGRANA together with customers and farmers - guarantee that the sugar beet cultivation in Austria is sustainable and is continuously being further developed.

"AGRANA is committed to the idea of ​​sustainability from the field across the entire production chain to the shelf. For this reason, it is a matter of concern to us, in our communication to the final consumer, to consider the partial aspects of sustainability from sugar beet to WIener Zucker! " Roman Knotzer, Managing Director of AGRANA Zucker GmbH.

Sustainability along the value chain

In cooperation with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) AGRANA shows that sustainability is important in all areas of the value chain. It starts with the raw material with the Montblanc project (to increase efficiency),  the Farmer Self Assessment for the collection of sustainable agricultural practice, includes our energy management, which is certified according to ISO 50001 and includes social audits (SMETA) at our production sites.

For us, sustainability means a balance between economy, ecology and social issues. At AGRANA, we use almost 100% of the raw materials used and use low-emission technologies to protect the environment. We respect all our stakeholders and the companies in which we operate and live long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers.

Find out  more about sustainability at AGRANA here.

Our organic sugar

While organic sugar in the past was largely imported from Africa as organic raw sugar, during the 2008|2009 campaign AGRANA for the first time produced organic beet sugar in accordance with the requirements of the EU directive on organic farming. During the first growing season (2008), around 300 hectares of land was cultivated by around 80 farmers. These figures have approximately more than doubled in a few years.

In the interests of ensuring an economic cycle which is as complete as possible, the refining of organic sugar also entails the manufacture of by-products such as organic animal feed and fertilisers. This nearly complete recycling of agricultural commodities allows quantities of waste products to be reduced and is consistent with the underlying principles of ecologically sound economic practices.

AGRANA's organic beet sugar is available in retail outlets under the Wiener Zucker brand and is also sold to the food processing industry.

Our organic beet grows on fertile native soils. The quality is based on the long-term experience and care of our farmers. The organic sugar from Wiener Zucker stands for ecological cultivation, sustainable agriculture and is subject to a strict control system from cultivation to the end product. The white organic crystal sugar with fine grain is without any aftertaste and therefore it can be used universally in the kitchen.


The BETAEXPO takes place twice a year. In June, it is Austria's largest agricultural event for AGRANA raw material cultures. It serves to impart knowledge on good agricultural practice, communication and supplier loyalty.  On the event contractual suppliers and institutional suppliers are distinguished with the AGRANA Sustainability Award.
Goal: 2019, all AGRANA sugar beet suppliers will be proven to be sustainable, the SAI guidelines and FSA are implemented by beet suppliers in all 5 cultivation countries from the growing year 2015 onwards.

In September the BETAEXPO Family Day is the day of the open sugar factory, consumers can receive a comprehensive picture of the diverse areas of ​​AGRANA. The corn, potatoes, maize and sugar beet in Tulln with over 600 barns and machine demonstrations around the harvest provides the public with a broad base for agricultural information exchange and latest agricultural knowledge.

Social responsibility

Wiener Zucker assumes social responsibility every year and thus makes an important contribution to society. Numerous projects are supported each year. For example 5,440 kg of fine-grained sugar leave our factory in Tulln each year in December to the Wiener Hilfswerk, which uses the donated sugar mainly for SOMA social markets and other aid projects.