Our partners

AGRANA supplies local producers and large international players, particularly those in the food processing industry.

For our industry customers, we provide a high-quality product range, also from organic farming, that is continually adapted to their needs. Our customers show their appreciation of this by maintaining a long term and sustainable business relationship with us.

Packaging sizes & certificates

The packaging sizes range from 4g sugar stick to full trucks:

  • 1 kg pack (retail)
  • 25 and 50 kg bag
  • Big Bags
  • Silo truck
  • Inliner-Container
  • overseas-Container

High requirements in certified production standards ensure the safety of our products. Particular focus is the constant improvement of hygiene and quality standards for our products. It is our commitment to guarantee our customers the retraceability of all our products back to their natural rootes.  In Austria we are certified by: FSSC 22000: 2010, GMO-free according to agroVet, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 50001, Fair Trade, Kosher & Halal certificate, Organic regulation 834/2007



Consistent with the nature of its business – the value-added processing of agricultural raw materials in the Sugar, Starch and Fruit segments, AGRANA defines sustainability as a harmonious combination of economically sound, resource-saving and energy-efficient production and social responsibility. Only the balanced pursuit of the “triple bottom line” can ensure the Group's sustained success.

At AGRANA we …

  • Utilise almost 100% of our raw materials and employ low-emission technologies to protect the environment
  • Respect all our stakeholders and the societies in which we operate
  • Engage in long-term partnerships

Energy efficiency
Due to the use of low-energy drying facilities in Tulln and Leopoldsdorf a reduction of around 60% in terms of energy could be realized. Moreover, the facilities not only reduce odour and dust emissions but also reduce the burden of CO2 emissions on environment (since the introduction around 95.000 tons CO2 reduction). The project was awarded with the ‘Climate Protection Award’ by the Austrian Ministry of Environment. AGRANA is also reducing its dependency on external energy sources in its Hungarian plants. By expanding the biogas plant connected to the Kaposvár sugar factory, around 70% of primary energy. Moreover, energy management systems certified in accordance with ISO 50001 will be in place at all sugar facilities from 2015/16.
Zero Waste Prin­ci­ple

AGRANA's efficient use of raw materials is both an economic imperative and a way of practicing corporate responsibility. Agricultural raw materials have always been much too valuable for AGRANA not to utilise them to the fullest. The Group-wide principle of zero waste is beneficial in two dimensions: First, AGRANA's business success depends on the efficient use of the agricultural inputs, such as sugar beet, grain, potatoes and fruit. And second, wasting nothing is also consonant with the high standard of corporate responsibility that AGRANA strives to honour in all its plants worldwide. AGRANA works hard to convert all valuable parts of the raw materials used – carbohydrates, protein, lipids, fibre and minerals – into marketable, desirable products, thus adding maximum value. The more effectively this is done, the less residual material and waste is left to dispose of and the greater the commercial success. The results are eloquent proof that environmental and social responsibility are compatible with business logic, and show how AGRANA has internalised this fundamental principle of sustainability in its day-to-day operations. 

Depending on the business segment, site and product portfolio, the utilisation of input materials in the 2012|2013 financial year in the AGRANA Group ranged from 98.6% to 99.9%. This very high degree of utilisation is made possible by AGRANA's extremely efficient use of agricultural raw materials, driven by its powers of technological innovation and product development capabilities. It clearly does justice to a high standard of financial, environmental and social responsibility.

Research & development

“The field of research and development has always been an important part of AGRANA’s success. Efficient research provides a competitive edge in the market and our passion for innovation has always given us the opportunity to outperform the industry average. An important rule here has always been the following: innovation must provide the best solution at the right time in the market – otherwise it has no chance of becoming a reality.” (Johann Marihart, CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG)

AGRANA's research and development activities are bundled at the "AGRANA Research & Innovation Center" in Tulln, Lower Austria.

The AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) is active as an international provider of research and development services, as well as services in the areas of sugar, food, starch, organic and fruit technology and microbiology.

Working close with its customers, the company develops new formulas, special products and new application possibilities for existing products.

The research facility also offers its specialised R&D expertise to third parties, serving as a state-accredited laboratory for quality control for sugar beet and bioethanol analytics.

Organic sugar beets

The quality is based on the years of experience and care of our farmers. Our organic sugar stands for ecological cultivation, sustainable agriculture and is subject to a strict control system from cultivation to the end product. You can find more about our organic products here.


AGRANA Zucker is Fairtrade-certified and all our products are traded in accordance with the international Fairtrade standards.   The Fairtrade quality label guarantees fair payment, compliance of environmental standards and the prohibition of child exploitation. These criteria are independently monitored. Find more information at www.fairtrade.at



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